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Mesh cages factory came to discuss business
Time:2018-01-02 14:13:00 Publisher:
Sunshine Welding Equipment  co., LTD. ( trade 
 Sanchuan welded wire mesh equipment co., LTD is a production, sales in one 
of the manufacturers. Its products not only sold in mainland China but also exported
 to southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and other places, 
products are exported to India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, 
Turkey is too bay and other countries and regions. Our company can supply Welding mesh machine,wire mesh machine,birdge netting machine,animal netting machine,protection netting machine,welded gabion mesh etc.
For export products we will be able for installation, debugging and after-sales. 
In April 2014, a businessman from Europe to set the automatic light welded wire mesh machine, 
our factory after returning to China in the use process have been praised our equipment, 
it is praised for having your recognition of our equipment is also a recognition of our three factory all staff, 
his praise reach the standard we have been asked myself too. We also hope that other subscribers will visit 
our factory to give guidance, your requirement is our efforts direction, your praise is always our pursuit.
Huanghua sanchuan welding equipment co., LTD., production and sales of welded wire mesh, Dutch wire mesh machine, mesh machine, mesh machine, breeding net machine, heat supply network machine, coal mining machine, corn net machine, etc., interested parties can private chat. 0317-8880612 QQ:2048209401, phone, mobile phone: 13931764038. The good faith management, quality, and the price is best. Welcome to the advisory procurement.
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