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Reinforcing wire mesh welding machine-EQB
Time:2018-01-02 14:40:00 Publisher:sunshine welding equipment
Sunshine Welding Equipment (     
Sanchuan welded wire mesh equipment co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of fully automated CNC wire mesh molding equipment, the main design and manufacture of welded wire mesh machine, automatic welding net machine, mesh machine, mesh machine, welding machine and its auxiliary equipment.\
Sunshine Welding Equipment can supply Welding mesh machine,wire mesh machine,birdge netting machine,animal netting machine,protection netting machine,welded gabion mesh etc.

These devices manufactured products are mainly used in agriculture, industry, construction, transportation. Can be used for garden fence, Bridges, construction steel fabric, aquaculture nets. Sanchuan welded wire mesh factory building equipment of low noise, easy to operate, safe and reliable, the price is reasonable, technologically advanced modelling is novel. Machine made network has, uniform mesh, welding is firm, corrosion resistance, etc.

\    Huanghua sanchuan welding equipment co., LTD., production and sales of welded wire mesh, Dutch wire mesh machine, mesh machine, mesh machine, breeding net machine, heat supply network machine, coal mining machine, corn net machine, etc., interested parties can private chat. 0317-8880612 QQ: 2048209401, phone, mobile phone: 13931764038. The good faith management, quality, and the price is best. Welcome to the advisory procurement.

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