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Reinforcing wire mesh welding machine
Time:2017-11-16 15:09:00 Publisher:sunshine welding wire mesh machine
Sunshine Welding Equipment(
      Welding equipment in China no matter from the point of view of yield components and technology development direction, is to the welding of high efficiency, automation, intelligent, energy efficient and environmentally friendly direction.Sunshine Welding Equipment can supply Welding mesh machine,wire mesh machine,birdge netting machine,animal netting machine,protection netting machine,welded gabion mesh etc.\
Welding equipment belong to the enormous quantity wide range of products, variety, specifications complete, is gradually close to the international level, high efficiency, energy saving, material saving, consumption will further expand the market share of products. Need to adapt to market demand, adjust product structure, improve the grade of products, should be to develop the inverter welding power source and automatic, semi-automatic welding machine, especially carbon dioxide welding machine of the high efficiency and energy saving.
Resistance welding technology with medium and high power as the main research content and developing direction. Resistance welding quality control of microcomputer monitoring, inverter resistance welding technology, intelligence and expert system, flexible resistance welding equipment, such as resistance welding robot is an important research content and specializing in the production of direction. Specially suitable for  coating material, aluminum alloy welding requirements, as well as the precision parts welding machine is developed more seriously.
The development of test technology and test equipment, will be conducive to promote enterprise technology and the improvement of technical level.
Automatic welding technology and equipment is developing at an unprecedented rate. West to east gas pipeline engineering, aerospace engineering, Marine engineering, and other countries large-scale infrastructure development and the rise of domestic automobile industry, have promoted the advanced welding technology, especially the development of welding automation technology and progress. Welding robot and intelligent welding will be appropriate in certain areas, widely used.
Complete, special welding equipment will continue to increase, the demand for more wide application range, its technical performance requirements more and more high, meet the high efficient equipment of the new technology is more mature and popular. Complete sets of welding equipment manufacturing enterprises in domestic enterprises quality management, the selection of aspects for various kinds of basic parts, fittings, strive for make new breakthrough in the field of special, complete sets of welding equipment.
Huanghua sanchuan welding equipment co., LTD., production and sales of welded wire mesh, Dutch wire mesh machine, mesh machine, mesh machine, breeding net machine, heat supply network machine, coal mining machine, corn net machine, etc., interested parties can private chat. 0317-8880612 QQ: 2048209401, phone, mobile phone: 13931764038. The good faith management, quality, and the price is best. Welcome to the advisory procurement.
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