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Wire mesh fence welding machine
Time:2018-01-03 14:56:00 Publisher:sunshine welding equipment
Sunshine Welding Equipment( 
On August 12, the northeast of China metallurgical group contract to build the hulun buir 20 fufeng biological technology co., LTD. Power plant boiler installation, the first prize in the 2014 national excellent welding engineering.
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The project is twenty tianjin metallurgical group co., LTD., China is now the biggest generator construction contracting of project, the project is located in the hulunbuir ridge east industrial development zone, construction began in 2010, completed in December 2011, the main converting including 6400 tons of boiler body, cable laying, 400 kilometers, 180 panel ark of boiler auxiliary equipment, 800 tons, 3200 cubic meters, heat preservation cotton high pressure pipeline of 1000 meters, turbine equipment, 700 tons, 880 tons of coal smoke wind pipe, industrial pipe of 9000 meters, castable, 1360 tons of insulating brick, 320 tons of paint 49200 square meters, the insulation sheet of 34800 square meters, etc.
National excellent welding engineering award is the highest quality prize overall welding quality management achievements, won the award, embodies the Chinese 20th metallurgical group in confined class engineering with high specialized technical level.

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