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Light Mechanical CNC Reinforcing Mesh Machine
时间:2017-12-12 15:13:00 发布人:hsc三川机械

Huanghua sanchuan welding equipment co., LTD. ( for dozens of years of research and development production of DNW five categories screen molding equipment: A light heavy welded wire mesh machine, welded wire mesh machine, B C hanged weft mesh machine, welded wire mesh machine, D E steel mesh machine; Design production according to the market demand for many special models, such as the Netherlands net (corrugated web, high-speed guardrail nets,) machine, shule plate net (light wall) machine, grassland net (cattle, horses, deer net) machine, breeding net (rabbit, chicken net) machine, heat supply network (watts net, color plate net machine, Canada (serpentine net, hook edge network) machine, stainless steel wire mesh machine, garden machine, corn machine, etc.
Machine products has a unique advanced technology, novel appearance, compact precision, high automatic degree, multifunction, stable performance, low noise, easy to operate, safe and reliable, energy saving efficiency are of good quality, reasonable price efficiency higher characteristic, several technology has obtained national patent. The products have been sold to all over the country, and exported to Turkey, the Philippines, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Taiwan and other countries and regions, by the user's attention and trust.
If you are interested our product,please contact me.
Telephone: 0317-8880612 
cell phone: 13931764038
Skype:welding sunshine
QQ: 2048209401
Company address: south of huanghua in hebei province development zone taishan road, west 50 meters (205 national highway and 307 national road intersection)

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